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The Book of Enlightenment - Limits

‘In The Book of Enlightenment – Limits, the artist employs strange and organic shapes, like chemical diagrams, or maps that trace interpersonal relationships. The lines in the book seem derived from Thai characters; they alternate between the linear and the circular, and elements both real and virtual are constantly paired. As the book progresses, it gradually unfolds into a
rich worldview. What Cholitgul wanted to develop at the time was a basic vocabulary about mental and physical existence and the limits thereof. The artist is not trying to be obfuscate her thoughts, but rather to slow down the process of thinking. If you look at the symbols in some of
these pictures, you can sense a certain logic: things are intertwined, swapped or blended; they bypass limits, or succumb to them. In liminal spaces, people seem to have the ability to turn defects into creative expression.’ - written by Zian Chen

original artworks:  pencil on paper in a sketchbook, 14 x 21 cm, 2018

hardcover (clothbound), thread sewn, perfect bound, digital print on Stardream paper 105 gsm, 14 x 21 cm, 56 pages, unlimited editions, 2018, printed by Parbpim Printing